Traktor PRO


What if you could mix all your favourite songs?


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Traktor PRO is more than an audio file manager. Not only does it let you manage your audio files, but you will be able to mix them and create audio sessions using your favorite songs.

You can set the cuts, tracks, insert loops, change speed and rate, fade in or out and custom your session.

The first time you run the program and look at it, you will think it's difficult to use it, but once you use it once or twice, you will realize it is not so difficult, but it includes lots of features and options you can't find in other similar programs.

Creating professional sessions is not so difficult as you thought, now and thanks to Traktor DJ Studio you will create it easily.

The trial version allows you to create 30 minutes sessions each time you run it, but you can&39;t save it.

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